Tips to Clean Bamboo Furniture

Jan 17th

The bamboo furniture is very popular for the interior as they help to create an exotic, sophisticated and of great aesthetic impact. Despite their extreme simplicity, in fact, the bamboo furniture can decorate with style any environment, giving each room a very special charm.

Bamboo Furniture Australia
Bamboo Furniture Australia

For the bamboo furniture remains retain their charm as new just have to opt for some of these options: strong rub with half a lemon, in addition to dust them, give them very bright. If bamboo is stained with grease, clean it with a mixture of hot water, five tablespoons of bleach and ammonia per 1 liter of water. You can also use a mixture of salt and water. To wash bamboo objects, you should do it by wiping with a soft brush, long bristle.

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The bamboo furniture or objects suffer from lack of moisture, you should moisten each and put both spray dried in the sun. Upon completion of any of the procedures, do not forget to apply linseed oil or wax when they have dried, the results are very satisfactory.

Repaint Wicker Bamboo Furniture
Bamboo furniture is a renewable material durable, making it ideal for use in the production of furniture. The long reeds are associated with Asian cultures, but are grown worldwide for use as cover for privacy and production of outdoor furniture and interior. After a time and exposure to the elements, paint your wicker furniture bamboo begins to splinter and discolored, requiring a fresh coat of color. Prepare bamboo furniture properly to ensure that the paint will adhere and support the rain and wind.

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Scrape the remaining paint with a wire brush or plastic scraper. Rub the paint with any tool, taking care not to damage the bottom of bamboo furniture. Clean the broken piece of bamboo with a damp cloth to remove any paint chips and dust. Let the piece dry completely before proceeding. Then apply a thin coat of spray paint oil based outside wicker bamboo furniture.

Let the first coat of spray paint to dry completely. Examine the piece and sanding any drips or uneven coverage with sandpaper fine grain. Finally apply a second and a third layer light spray paint to the piece of bamboo furniture. Let the final coat dry for at least 24 hours before using.