Kitchen Countertop Materials A Few Comparisons

Jan 12th

Among all kitchen countertop materials, there are laminate, wood, corian, granite, soapstone and concrete as most popular options. I am reviewing their pros and cons for you along with a few ideas. Each one of them has different prices and maintenance. Difficulty of installation is considerable to make sure in getting best worktops for kitchen decorating ideas.

Kitchen Countertop Materials Laminate
Kitchen Countertop Materials Laminate

Well, let us just begin then! Hopefully, this article helps you in selecting best countertop material for remodeling project.

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Laminate – It is a most inexpensive material among all available options. Numerous colors are available to choose from. Granite look laminate colors are even wonderful to get luxury style just with a lot cheaper price. Easy installation can be done by yourself. Make sure not to place hot pans and get splashed by liquids to make laminate countertops last long. Once splashed, just sweep the liquids right away.

Wood – It is versatile material that can compliment all kitchen design ideas. Reclaimed wood is popular in rustic country kitchens. Smooth manufactured wood is certainly impressive for modern contemporary kitchens. Just like laminate, it is recommended to avoid liquids of wooden countertops.

Corian – Elegant shiny surfaces of corian add interest in modern kitchens. Small designs look wider and impressive with corian countertops. Combining it with glass tile backsplash is certainly more attractive.

Granite – It is most luxurious, strongest and expensive in comparison to other materials. Versatility and popular granite stone for countertops make this natural material as most favorable despite of high price.

Soapstone – Rustic country kitchens even with modern contemporary styles can be made more welcoming by earthy tone soapstone countertops. Make sure not to do too hard with this soapstone material because of easy to break.

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Concrete – It is a strong and heavy material for countertops. Plain color can be made attractive with lamination. Commercially, concrete is popular but now also favorable by homeowners.

Each one of them has pros and cons. Make sure that you create complimentary value with cabinets and backsplash at least. Happy Kitchen Countertops Remodel!

Most Popular Kitchen Countertop Options

Among the available kitchen countertop options, inexpensive material ideas are given here as guidelines. Check these out to get best ideas. HGTV has many fine inspiring ideas and pictures to access. But we do as well that usable to become your guidelines in how to remodel your kitchen especially the countertops. Do it yourself installation will even make it more affordable. 🙂

Natural Stone – Quartz and granite are most popular and favorable among all options. Toughest so they do really worth quality and price. There are also other natural stones like marble but we recommend you quart and granite.

Laminate – It is the cheapest among all options. DIY installation will make it even lesser to spend the budget. Many colors are available even ones that look similar to granite and quartz. Laminate is easy to maintain as well.

Wood – Everyone believes that wood is environmentally friendly. It is one of the cheapest as well with warm look and feel. A lot of cleaning and maintenance is required to keep wood good looking and durable. This is because of porous surfaces.

Corian – I am personally in love with this option. Modern luxurious work surfaces in my kitchen have been provided well by the corian countertops.

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Beside of ones that mentioned, there are also other options like stainless steel, ceramic, porcelain, silestone and concrete. Just choose one that suits your requirement, preferences and budget.