Decorating Backyard Patio Ideas

Nov 25th

Backyard patio ideas – There are some ideas to decorate backyard patio. Patio Style; Many homeowners extend the design of their home interior to the terrace. Due to decorating a patio with the size of the outdoor space, how to use it and how many people will use it. Privacy comes into play if the neighbors nearby.

Cheap Outdoor Patio Ideas
Cheap Outdoor Patio Ideas

Backyard patio ideas floors can reflect the style of the home. Southwest style, consider a patio with colorful gravel and slate. For a modern home, making colored cement a statement. If the exterior is brick, consider adding a brick patio. Numerous stone and three options work for patio flooring. All-weather, fade-resistant outdoor rugs add softness and texture.

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When used as an outdoor dining area, backyard patio ideas table and chair choices range from a picnic table, the wicker, teak, wrought iron or synthetic materials. Factor in durability and waterproof material of choice. Umbrellas, pergolas or shade cloth can provide respite from the sun.

If relaxation is important on the patio, select lounge furniture in comfortable, all-weather fabric. The entire outdoor room can be designed with chaises, chairs and ottomans, coffee tables and console tables. Arrange furniture to accommodate traffic flow and artifacts as a standalone or built-in barbecue and refrigerator.

Backyard Patios and Fire Pit

Backyard patios Ideas If you have admired picture-perfect yards with cute little fireplaces, but have been afraid to make your own, because it seems too complicated, you’re in luck. A backyard brick fire pit is quick and easy to do, although it will look like you spent weeks putting it together. You can build an attractive pit that becomes the focal point in your yard in just a few hours.

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Choose a location that is away from any structure or object that can be ignited. Set the size of your fire pit. Fireplaces that can accommodate a standard barbecue grill is usually 2 to 3 feet in diameter. Hammer a stake in the ground in the middle of your fire pit. Tie a piece of string (half the diameter of your fire pit) to the fire and draw a circle in the backyard patios. Take 8 inches of soil from the center of the circle. Fill the hole with 2 to 4 inches of sand or gravel to create a solid basis for a fire pit.

The lay bricks around the inside circumference of the hole. Apply the mortar with a trowel, and add a second layer of bricks. Offset brick, so that half of each brick based on two bricks on the sub-level. Lay bricks to the height you want. Make sure the bricks are level. Allow the mortar to cure for the recommended time. Put a metal cooking grate over the top of the Backyard patios.