Elegance Carpet Stair Treads

Feb 10th

Hi friends! In this post we’ll speak about carpet stair treads. Carpets are attractive solution to protect and decorate the stairs, also make them more secure against possible slipping. The variety of materials and designs available makes it difficult to select the perfect rug that fits precisely the characteristics of each staircase. Material of carpet stair treads is preferable to a flat rather than fluffy carpet, since the former is easily installed in all corners of the stairs and is safer to travel.

Carpet Stair Treads Decor
Carpet Stair Treads Decor

To choose the color and design, procurement carpet stair treads coordinate with the rest of the rugs and moquettes any room. It needs not be exactly the same design, although in many cases the same material moquette used to carpet the stairs. The carpet edges are marked up an infallible choice in terms of elegance.

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If the ladder is busy, you should opt for dark carpets, preferably stamped. If there is no risk of easily soiled, light colors are allowed, and in fact are always classic and elegant choice. To give a neater and secure the ladder over, you can also select an application of metal or wood to place in the corners where the steps are connected.

Install Individual Carpet Stair Treads

Carpets for steps add a decorative detail to the stairs and also provide a non-slip walking surface. Individual carpets focus on the rungs of the ladder to the beauty of these is displayed around it. Choose rugs with back adhesive for easy installation and replacement. Individual rugs come in a wide variety of styles. Choose a style that works well with the existing decor of your home. It uses two different styles of rugs to add an eclectic look for the carpet stair treads.

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Lava rungs of the wooden stairs with a cloth and spray -purpose cleaning before you are ready to install the individual carpets. Allows the steps to dry completely before proceeding with the installation. Centre carpets back adhesive on each rung of the ladder of wood using a tape measure. Make small pencil marks on each corner of the steps in which you are going to place the carpet stair treads.

Peel off the paper backing from the auto carpet adhesive. Align the corners of the carpet stair treads with pencil marks on the rung of the ladder and place the rug in place by pressing with your hands. Follow the same procedure for each of the steps.